Fees & Times


Initial and follow-up consultation (up to one hour) $87.50

Long Consultation 1 1/2 hrs $132.50



Initial Consultation (1 ½ hour) $132.50

Follow-up consultations (up to one hour) $87.50

Partners are encouraged to come to the initial or a follow-up appointment.

SoulCollage® Consultations

Long Consultation 1 1/2 hrs $132.50 includes materials if required


Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines and other remedies you may need are additional to this and are individually priced. Each person’s health issues are different and their medications will also be different so it is hard to estimate cost. Two examples of common remedies follow:

  • 200ml herbal medicine (individually prescribed) $49 - $61

  • 25ml flower essence (individually prescribed) $19


Please Note: You may also need herbal tablets, minerals or supplements, herbal teas, herbal ointment etc depending on your health issues.

Clinic Hours




9am – 5pm

(Appointments outside these times are also available by request)


Call 02 49327533 to begin your journey to wellness.

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