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Bronwyn Shaunessy - Herbalist

I have been helping clients from the Hunter Valley and beyond, to better health for about 30 years. I love my work and really enjoy the challenge of interpreting individual’s symptoms and concerns to understand the cause and to come up with a healing and supportive treatment plan.


Your health is looked at through a holistic approach to herbal medicine and wellbeing and I believe that by looking at both your physical, emotional and energetic health, I am able to treat you as a whole person.


People come from all sorts of backgrounds and I am encouraging and accepting of this diversity and your own lifestyle choices. I am committed to creating a safe and confidential space so I can help you better understand your own health issues within that safe space. I aim to provide you with strategies so you can be in control of your own health and life.

Why I became a herbalist

When I became a mother a whole new world opened up with the understanding that I was responsible for the health and wellbeing of these little people. I read and read, and the more I read, the more I realised how little I knew.


When I commenced studying herbal medicine, with the view of educating myself about how I could take responsibility for my childrens health, I had no thoughts of becoming a herbalist as a profession but the more I learned the more this seemed the right path for me. Starting a practice whilst at home with young children worked very well for me and as I built the practice my confidence and knowledge grew. I continually build on that knowledge and stay up to date with the latest research and regularly attend seminars and workshops.


It is a privilege now 30 years on for me to treat my grandchildren who know that if they aren't well or if they hurt themselves they get some medicine or ointment from "Bronny". "That's what everyone does, isn't it?" The innocence of the young!



I discovered SoulCollage® in 2014 was immediately taken by the ability that the process had to bring together my learning in a focused way. It has helped me to understand and move through some of my childhood patterns and I love how deeply the images can speak and the power they have to initiate change, and in 2018 I became the SoulCollage® Trainer for Australia.


SoulCollage® has been a wonderful tool to integrate into my practice. I enjoy sharing it and teaching my clients to use this process to gain greater personal insights and discoveries and to enrich their lives.

From 2019 I have been running 4 day in person trainings for those that wish to become qualified SoulCollage® Facilitators, 

See more about becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator

Bronwyn Shaunessy herbalist dispensary

Member of ATMS 0561

Diploma of Herbal Medicine

(trained with Denis Stewart, a pioneering Australian practioner and educator and prominent radio broadcaster)

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