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SoulCollage® Facilitator Training 2024
in Australia

Explore Your Inner Wisdom: Become a SoulCollage® Facilitator with Bronwyn Shaunessy

Join Bronwyn for an immersive 4-day SoulCollage® Facilitator Training from Monday, 28th October 2024 to Friday, 1st November 2024, in NSW Australia. Dive into the world of SoulCollage® to explore your inner wisdom, work with emotional or creative blocks, and learn how to share this empowering process with others. Whether you're new to SoulCollage® or want to deepen your practice, this hands-on, in-person experience is designed to help you create, connect, and become a certified Facilitator.

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Date: Monday, 28th October 2024 - Friday, 1st November 2024

​Monday: 6.30pm - 8.00pm, Registration and Meet & Greet

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8.45am - 5.00pm

Friday: 8.45am - 12pm

The last session on Friday is followed by a social farewell lunch.

Location: Tocal Agriculture College, Paterson NSW Australia

"Bronwyn is dedicated to SoulCollage®! She has a wonderful collection of resources, ideas and experiences. I really appreciate all the sharing with us." - Lynsey

Welcome to SoulCollage® Facilitator Training 2024

Are you interested in becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator? You will experience the power of the SoulCollage® process to help you explore your own inner wisdom, to uncover and work with emotional or creative blocks using images, intuition and imagination, and learn how to facilitate process with others. You will also deepening your own SoulCollage® practice.


To do the Training you just need a desire to dive into SoulCollage® and to share the process that will help others uncover their inner wisdom. Making SoulCollage® cards is a great way to integrate and deepen self understanding and for people to gather together in a meaningful way.

By participating in this Training you will learn how to prepare for a workshop, hold a creative and healing space for participants, embrace SoulCollage® readings, as well as discussions on how to promote your workshops. You will find out how to access the rich archive of information available to Facilitators and how to use the World of SoulCollage® platform to share your workshops. You will network with like-minded people and become part of a world-wide community of Facilitators.

Once you've completed the Training you will receive a certificate entitling you to use the SoulCollage® trademark and logo in the work you do according to the Principles of SoulCollage®.

"Hi Bronwyn, I want to thank you again for holding the space for the most amazing four days. Your love, compassion and joy shone through. I have now made a copyright free card of you to join my community suit so you can continue to share your wisdom with me. I hope you like it." - Liz

Course Pre-Requisites & Requirements

To ensure you gain the most value and understanding, we have laid out essential prerequisites. Please consider the following before registering:


These are the foundational steps you should take prior to the training to prepare yourself:

1. Read the book, SoulCollage® Evolving, available for purchase through my website or as a Kindle e-book. 

2. Listen to Introduction to SoulCollage® (CD or digital download) created by SoulCollage® Founder Seena Frost.

3. Make at least 14 cards: Make at least 4 cards in Committee, Community, and Council Suits and 2 cards in the Companions Suit (14 cards is the bare minimum).

4.  Take a qualifying Introductory Course (Fundamentals) from a Trained SoulCollage® Facilitator or Facilitator Trainer. I offer this course at times throughout the year. You can also find a course on the World Of SoulCollage®.

5.  Experience and practice key activities essential to working with the method.

  • Give voice to your cards by practicing the I Am One Who... activity. 

  • Do a SoulCollage® Reading by asking a question of your cards and letting the four cards that you randomly choose from your deck answer your question. As part of your registration for training, I will facilitate a one on one reading with you. Please contact me to schedule this if you have registered.


These are essential aspects to be aware of when considering participation in the training:

  1. Please arrive well-rested, energised, and prepared for a full program of rich content and experiential learning.

  2. Full attendance at all sessions is mandatory for receiving your Certificate of Completion.

  3. It's imperative to reschedule any conflicting online meetings or sessions during the training period.


Your full commitment to these prerequisites ensures a productive and enriching journey in the SoulCollage® process. When you decide to sign up for this Training, please schedule time to complete these requirements.  Bronwyn and your Training colleagues will appreciate your thorough preparation.

NOTE: While it is not a pre-requisite, I would strongly recommend that you listen to each of the CDs in Seena's Series "Your SoulCollage® Cards"



Attendance Cost: $1200


Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $95 is required upon registration. Balance of $1105 payable 2 months before training.

Special Offer: If you're a qualified facilitator looking to take the course again, discounts are available. Please inquire for more details.

*Accommodation is additional. Please see below.

What's included?

Your registration for the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training covers more than just the sessions. Here's what's included:

  • Prerequisite One-on-One Zoom SoulCollage® Reading with Bronwyn: Personalized preparation for the training.

  • 4 Days of Tuition: (Plus introduction/meet and greet on Monday night) Including all card-making materials you'll need.

  • Handouts: Comprehensive materials to guide your learning.

  • Three-Month Trial of the Facilitator Journey Bundle: Exclusive access at the World of SoulCollage®, with discounts off SoulCollage® books, CDs, and supplies.

  • Meals: Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea each day, along with continuous tea and coffee.

  • Note: This does not include travel, accommodation, or meals not listed. Breakfast and dinner can be booked at the dinning room or you can self cater from the kitchen.

Cancellation Policy:


A full refund, less $95 AUD non refundable deposit, is available until 30 days prior to training. No refund or credit will be given for cancellations made with less than 30 days notice (transfer to next training may be available). No refund is given if you fail to attend, or if you leave the event early. Bronwyn reserves the right to cancel for any reason. In the event of such cancellation a full refund (including non refundable deposit) of monies paid.

For more information about SoulCollage® visit World of SoulCollage®

For more information about SoulCollage® supplies see HERE

"Doing the readings in groups held the most powerful experience for me, the sharing, trust and feelings of being held and also being a support and witness." – Nicola



The Training will be held in the peaceful rural setting of Tocal College which is located 20 minutes drive from Maitland, NSW and 45 minutes drive from Newcastle (Williamtown) Airport. Accommodation is available on site at an extra cost (see below) or you can arrange your own.

Location and Transport

Here is a MAP of our Training venue location.

There is no public transport to Tocal College. We can arrange transport from Newcastle Airport on Monday afternoon if needed at an additional cost. Please arrive at the airport by 2pm to allow time for transfer and settling into your accommodation.


Things can change at short notice to flights so please make sure to allow plenty of time for flight transfers if you have more than one flight.


The kitchen provides meals and can cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets if you let me know in advance. If you have requirements outside this please communicate clearly with me and we may be able to cater for you or arrange your own meals with the cooking facilities in the cottages or your accommodation.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me to work out a solution or give you more information.


Accommodation (optional)


Cost: $290

Accommodation is available on site in shared cottages for $290 for 4 nights (Monday - Friday). You will have your own bedroom and share the rest of the cottage with 3 - 4 other participants attending the training.


The cottages are simple and clean. Facilities include: shared lounge room and bathroom, sheets and towels, kitchen with microwave, toaster, kettle and crockery. Please note that individual rooms do not lock, however, whole cottages do lock.


Alternatively you may organise your own accommodation. Please note that Tocal is a rural area and is not serviced by public transport.

Deposit of $145 to be paid on registration. Balance of $145 to be paid with balance of training fee.

Accommodation Cancellation Policy: Cancel more than 35 days before the training to receive a full refund of monies paid, less $25 administration fee. Cancel 14 - 35 days before the training and receive 50% refund of total accommodation cost, only if full payment has been made. Cancel less than 14 days before the training and no refund can be offered.

"Staying together with others in the cottages really “vale added” to my experience. The vista was so peaceful and nurturing." – Carolyn

What should I bring?

  • Your SoulCollage® Deck, If you have you cards on the app it is great to still bring some physical cards as well.

  • Wear comfortable clothing! Weather can be changeable in October so bring layers to keep yourself comfortable.

  • Clear your schedule!! If you have any online meetings or Zoom sessions that fall during the training week, it is imperative that you reschedule to avoid interrupting the training and to allow yourself to be fully present for the whole time including lunch breaks and evenings. Social time and community building is also an important part of the training.


Meet Your Trainer

Bronwyn Shaunessy, SoulCollage® Facilitator, SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainer and Australasian SoulCollage® Coordinator

Bronwyn is currently the only SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainer in Australia.


As the Australian coordinator I have a vision to bring the Australian SoulCollage® community together with a renewed vitality. Australia is uniquely placed in that we are a large geographic area with a small population and this presents challenges different to those facing Trainers in the USA and Europe. So my vision and challenge is to create an Australian community with a sense of place and belonging within our ancient land and from that base we can include the near Pacific and take our place in the global community of SoulCollage®.

Ready to Embark on a SoulCollage® Journey?

Uncover your inner wisdom, deepen your understanding, and become part of a world-wide community of Facilitators. Bronwyn is excited to guide you through this transformational experience. Take the next step and register today to secure your spot. Prepare to dive into SoulCollage® and share this empowering process with others.

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